Texas Syndicate

The Texas Syndicate (or Syndicato Tejano) is a mostly Texas-based prison gang that includes Hispanic and at one time White members (The organization at one time did allow non-Hispanic members to join, but that policy was repealed in the 1980s). The Texas Syndicate, more than La Eme or Nuestra Familia, has been more associated or allied with Mexican immigrant prisoners, such as the "Border Brothers", while La Eme and the NF tend to be more composed of US-born/raised Hispanics.

It was established in the 1960's at Folsom Prison in California in direct response to the other California prison gangs (notably the Aryan Brotherhood and Mexican Mafia), which were attempting to prey on native Texas inmates.

As of 2000, the Texas Syndicate had about 19,000 members in prisons and jails state-wide, with many more on the outside. 8,126 Hispanic members operate across Texas, including specific reportings in the Coffield Unit, about 60 miles southwest of Tyler, and at the Allred prison unit outside of Wichita Falls. However, they still maintain their headquarters in California, where their national president resides, and their numbers continue to reach into state and federal prisons across the US. They have been reported in the Federal Correctional Institute at Oakdale, Louisiana, and in San Quentin, California, with frequency. As a street gang, heavy activity has been reported in Austin, Texas, Corpus Christi, Texas, the Rio Grande Valley and the Dallas Fort Worth area.

The Texas Syndicate's activities include drug trafficking, extortion, prostitution, protection, gambling, and contract murder. Released or parole members who generate money for the Texas Syndicate must surrender a 10% tax ("the dime") of all proceeds toward the gang in prison.

Texas Syndicate Tattoos:
* Overlapping "TS", or an "S" superimposed over a "T"
* longhorn steer horns, or any figure with horns

Ethnicity: predominantly Hispanic
Membership: 1,300
Criminal activities: Drug Trafficking, Murder, Robbery
Allies: Border Brothers, Tri City Bombers, Texas Mafia, Dirty White Boys
Rivals: Mexikanemi, Mexican Mafia, Nuestra Familia, Aryan Brotherhood, Mandingo Warriors, Black Guerrilla Family

In 1970, The Texas Syndicate is founded by Juan “Pajaro” Solis-Vela and Francisco “Panchito” Gonzales in California’s Folsom prison. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In 1980, the Texas Syndicate gain full control of the prison systems drug trade after the practice of using building tenders to assist guards is ruled out by a Civil court. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In 1984, the Texas Syndicate declares war on the Mexikanemi. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In 1986, Texas Syndicate members brutally murdered 3 Mexikanemi members in the Darrington Unit in Rosharon, Texas. The day would be labeled “Bloody Sunday. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In 1986, Texas Syndicate member Rogelio Hernandez murders Officer Jose Herrera during an attempted escape from the Webb County Jail. (Hernandez v. Johnson, 108 F.3d 554 (C.A.5 (Tex.), 1997)

In 1990, the Mexikanemi and Texas Syndicate agree on a truce. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In 1990, Texas Syndicate members murder two Houston-area parolees, Anthony Rosalio Acosta, 42, and Jimmy Lopez Rangel, 29, in a desert southeast of El Paso. (Associated Press)

In 1993, the Barrio Azteca brutally beat and murder a Texas Syndicate member in the El Paso county jail causing the Texas Syndicate to alliance it’s self with the Mexikanemi. Both the Texas Syndicate and Mexikanemi team up against the Barrio Azteca. The Azteca’s murder their TS victim by slamming his head through jail bars. (El Paso Times)

In 1994, Barrio Azteca members murder a Texas Syndicate member at the Wallace unit in Colorado City, Texas. (Associated Press)

In 1994, the Texas Syndicate and the Raza Unida agree that the gangs would share the drug trade in Brownsville by dividing gang territory in the border town in sections. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In 1995, the Texas Syndicate declares war on a Mexican gang known as Mexicles. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In June of 1997, the Texas Syndicate and Mexicles gang settle on a truce. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In 1997, armed Texas Syndicate members raid an El Paso bar known as La Cumbala and murder 4 people. The murder involved a cocaine deal gone badly. (El Paso Times)

On August 17, 1997, Texas Syndicate members murder Gerardo Garcia in the El Paso County Jail. The victim, who was also a TS member was wrestled down and intentionally overdosed with of a heroin. High ranking Texas Syndicate member
Ricardo "Serrucho" Ortiz is given the death penalty for his involvement of the crime. (Ortiz v. State, 93 S.W.3d 79 (Tex. Crim. App., 2002)

On June of 1997 Texas Syndicate and Barrio Azteca settle a truce and sign a peace agreement called the “Manifesto”. The gangs agree to revise the manifesto each year on May 5th. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In 2001, Texas Syndicate member’s murder ex member Hector Camacho in the Rio Grande Valley for his efforts in starting an offshoot TS chapter called “Tejano Syndicato Originales” (Sierra v. State, No. 01-07-00443-CR (Tex. App. 8/21/2008) (Tex. App., 2008)

In March 2002, Raza Unida members stab a Texas Syndicate member to death at the Polunsky Unit in Livingston, Texas. The murder involves a state wide war between both prison gangs. (TDCJ Security Threat Group Archives)
In mid 2002, the Texas Syndicate declares war on the Tango Blast prison gang. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In April 2002, members of the Texas Syndicate murder a Tango Blast member at the J.B. Connally state prison. (Gang Intelligence 101)

In 2004, The Raza Unida and Texas Syndicate settle on a truce. (Gang Intelligence 101)

On Dec. 21, 2006, Texas Syndicate members are arrested for the contract killing of Julio A. Serrano. The murder came as a result of the Gulf Cartel hiring the Texas Syndicate to kidnap Serrano from his home in Texas and take him to cartel members in Mexico. (Associated Press)

On FEBRUARY 12, 2007 17 Houston area Texas Syndicate members are charged for several area murders, racketeering, armed robberies and drug trafficking. (Houston Chronicle)

In July 2007, Texas Syndicate members murder Marcelino "Mars" Rodriguez Torres in Mc Allen, Texas after the gang suspects Rodriguez is a police informant.

On February 2007, high ranking Texas Syndicate member Ernesto Medrano is sentenced to life in prison for using U.S. military flights to transport hundreds of kilos of cocaine from Columbia to Fort, Bliss Texas. (El Paso Times)

In 2007, 23 Texas Syndicate members are arrested in cities all over the state of Texas on drug trafficking charges. (Associated Press)

In June 2008, Texas Syndicate member Emanuel Camacho Gomez fatally guns down 27-year-old Rose Anne Martinez in San Antonio, Texas. (Associated Press)

In July 2007, police find the burned body of a Marcelino “Mars” Torres in Hidalgo County. Torres was a Texas Syndicate informant who provided information crucial to a federal case against fellow gang members. (Associated Press)

In June 2008, Texas Syndicate member Emanuel Camacho Gomez fatally guns down 27-year-old Rose Anne Martinez in San Antonio, Texas. (Associated Press)

On Austin July 2, 2001, Texas Syndicate members murder female TS associate Jove Rios for conducting business with the Mexikanemi. The gang felt that the mother of 3 had crossed the line and ordered TS member Magnaleno Medina to kidnap and murder her. (Associates Press)

On January 2009, 10 Texas Syndicate members invade the home of an Austin couple and rob the family of their TV’s wallets, and vehicles. (Associated Press)

On Jan 29, 2009, high ranking Texas Syndicate member Ricardo Ortiz is executed by the state of Texas for his role in a 1997 murder. (Associated Press)

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